Obama Will Try US Navy Seals – For Capturing Terrorist

Brave and self-sacrificing US Navy Seals have tracked down and captured bin-Laden’s closest cousin. Ahmed Hashim Abed burned four Americans alive; drug their charred remains through the streets of Fallujah, and hung them from a bridge. In a surprise move, the Obama “command” will have THE NAVY SEALS tried – FOR GIVING TERRORIST Abed A FAT LIP!

Go to WWW.SUPPORTTHESEALS.COM to register your disapproval. Taking your feedback to “commander” Obama at the White House would be a complete waste of time. The Obama “command” is mostly concerned with appeasing terrorists. Obama will make certain terrorists will NEVER NEED TO FEAR the American troops in his command.

Also here: Moonbattery Defend Our Defenders

Also here: Gateway Pundit Powerful Ad – “Support The Persecuted Navy Seals” (Video)


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