Obama Bought Clunkers With Borrowed Yuan

Obama (6 years old) gets economics lesson from pragmatic socialist

Update: Here is the video

SNL is no longer transfixed or hypnotized by Obama’s mastery of economics.

Must-see video clip at Moonbattery: Alert the CNN Fact-Checkers! Also at SBVOR: President Obama, Please Kiss Me

Chinese President Hu Jintao: “Will you kiss me, Obama?”

Obama: “I don’t understand.”

Chiniese President Hu Jintao: “I like to be kissed WHEN SOMEONE IS DOING SEX TO ME!$%$%#$#%”


“Our idiot trolls may be oblivious to the fact that Obamunist spending policies are setting us on a course for national bankruptcy, but the reliably liberal writers at SNL have noticed.”

President Hu Jintao (Obama’s shaken and now skeptical banker) has noticed, too.

Maybe Obama forgot to bow to Hu Jintao.

Obama paid about $25,000 for each clunker he bought, according to the CBO. Luckily, Obama will be able to purchase health care for Americans much more wisely. Or Hu Jintao will foreclose on California.

But honestly, I don’t think even Hu Jintao foreclosing on California will stop Obama from “DOING SEX TO AMERICA.”

If Obama bows REALLY LOW to Hu Jintao, maybe Hu Jintao will give him A NICKEL for FNMA and FMAC.

See also (good read, even for me): Mainland Chinese Outsmart Obama Again


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