Obama Sacrifices To Save The Earth

During the Great Obama Depression you probably have cut back on extravagances. A lot of folks have cut back on what they formerly considered necessities.

Some folks have cut back on food; maybe they eat two weeks out of every four or so. Particularly when Obama has shut down the San Jaoquin Valley, eating may get even more expensive.

You will be pleased and happy to see that Obama has cut his Chinese clunker entourage to only 71 gas guzzlers.

Thus, Obama is

– saving or creating massive American jobs (in China)
– putting communist china’s “vastly superior infrastructure” to work for America
– saving the planet
– cutting and eliminating costs of government

Obama is absolutely amazing.

By The Numbers: 71 Vehicles

chinese clunker infrastructure inspected by the one

The biggest hypocrite since the soviet komissars

At least, the sucker is not bowing again. Oh, wait. Give him a second.


One Response

  1. He’s prepared to sacrifice many things…

    our jobs
    our currency
    our national security
    our lifestyle
    our freedom
    our cars

    Isn’t it great?

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