Bow Gallery

The Bobbing Dervish is at it again! This guy can bow as fast as he lies.

Only one problem, you moron Obama. In Japan, it is a grave faux pas to touch the person you are bowing to; particularly disgraceful is to shake hands while doing it. Obama makes himself a fool, doubly. He should pay for his own trips. See Obama Botched Bow by Thomas Lifson at American Thinker, November 14 2009.

But the end result is that Obama has been snubbed royally. Imperially, in fact.

All in all, a disgrace. The only redeeming feature is that at least he did not bow his head and bend his knee, as he did with the Saudi monarch.

Note, Emperor Akihito is aghast, smiles out of embarrassment, and fails to acknowledge the bow! This clown represents the United States?

Maybe Obama’s extreme and perverse bowing propensity was perfected during his years of islamic instruction in Indonesia (Obama is an apostate of islam). Bobbing the head up and down is much in style when chanting out of the quran. Apparently the practice has stuck with Obama.

Here (pictures below) is the decorum of 8 other visitors of Emperor Akihito, from Reliapundit at The Astute Bloggers WHAT OBAMA’S BOW DOWN TO THE EMPEROR REALLY MEANT

Note, none of them make fools of themselves; only Dumbama does that.

Obama, what an embarrassment to fools

Only Obama makes himself the fool

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
King of Morocco
Dick Cheney
Prime Minister Slovenia
President South Korea
President Kazakhstan
Prime Minister India
Vladimir Putin
President Obama vs. The Rest of the World Greeting the Emperor of Japan (Photos)


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