Obama Just Doesn’t Get It


Obama Never Gets It

Disrespect For America is the central theme of the Obama presidency, and his policies of state.

Obama this week bestowed all the rights of an American citizen upon the central perpetrator of 9-11. KSM (Khalid Sheik Mohammed) will get a vastly expensive jury (if he wants it) trial at taxpayer expense. Security costs will be massive; but Obama thinks your children are good for it. But for his jury trial circus, designed to crucify America, where will Obama go to find KSM’s peers? How can KSM get a fair trial in New York City? Perhaps a fair trial is absolutely not intended. Hmmm. Do community organizers like fair trials? Consider ACORN. They do not.

KSM’s only peers are SOA – soldiers of Allah. Obama doesn’t get it. At manipulating courts and legal processes for his malignant advantage though; now there Obama is an expert.

Obama doesn’t like free markets. With Obama as president, no market can be free. All economic transactions are subject to Obama’s examination. Obama doesn’t dig the flag, Obama doesn’t dig American citizenship (he doesn’t have it), Obama doesn’t dig the constitution (by his words and deeds), Obama doesn’t approve of American heallth care which is the best in the world, and Obama thinks the rights of Americans should be extended to absolutely any person, including soldiers of Allah, in America.

Including the most murderous soldiers of Allah, the Grand Field Marshalls of Allah’s army, as Americans must give Obama a good chuckle.

Obama has spent the last 10 months demonstrating weakness, indecision, lack of resolve, and a genuine disdain for America’s policies of state and America’s very sovereignty. America’s enemies, consisting primarily of soldiers of Allah, have received a dose of encouragement directly from Obama unprecedented, since KSM’s successful attack on New York.

Now, Obama says KSM is a full-fledged American, innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers in the city he all but destroyed. Cost is no object; Soldiers of Allah will have all the rights of American citizens in America.

Obama perceives America as a fat bank to crack. Soldiers of Allah are among his most valued allies.

Soldier of Allah is Peerless American

Obama's Preferred American


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