Obama Announces Amnesty Plan For Illegal Residents

After Obama has executed his master-stroke against the hated capitalist currency and the hated capitalist economy of the United States, it only figures that he would announce his plan for granting amnesty, and also citizenship to illegal aliens. In Obama’s next master-stroke against America, he strikes directly at the national sovereignty of his great satan.

The border has been secured, though, according to Team Dumbama. Shipments south will be searched for guns and cash. That certainly makes me feel better; how about you? The socialist Mexican government is so corrupt and inept that the military sells its weapons far cheaper than Americans ever would.

Corrupt and inept; say, that refers exactly to the Obama administration, too, judging by His amnesty plan, for a start.

H/T: Gateway Pundit Here It Is… Team Obama Unveils Comprehensive Amnesty Strategy

Obama unveils Amnesty strategy


DHS Secretary Napolitano introduced a broad outline for reform during a speech to the Center for America Progress this morning. In it she cited the many advances DHS has made in securing the US Border with Mexico. One of the centerpieces of this effort is the screening of 100% of southbound rail shipments for weapons and cash. While that sounds like a good thing for Mexico the logical question is this: What percent of northbound rail shipments are “screened” and what does “screening mean? Not to sound cynical but this Administration does not have a good record when it comes to spin and telling the absolute truth. The President demonstrated that clearly last week with Healthcare Reform.

The plan calls for a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal aliens already in the US. On this the administration also seems a bit out of touch. That the vast majority of Mexican illegal invaders according to a recent Zogby Poll have no interest in becoming American Citizens and regardless would hold primary allegiance to Mexico is apparently lost on the President and Secretary Napolitano.

The White House also believes a temporary worker program will decrease the flow of illegal aliens heading north. Again, a fact unsupported by a Pew Study. His plan will provide for a temporary worker program and what a Mexican media report calls an establishment of:

“…guidelines for a migration plan that will end the criminalization of undocumented immigrants, to give a more humane treatment and tone to the immigration rules in order to end the family separation.” (roughly translated).



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