Obama Had More Than Enough Information To Stop Hasan

Obama had more than enough information to stop mass-murdering jihadi terrorist Hasan.

Obama decided instead that there is no war on terror, because there is no terrorism. There is no terrorism to stop. Obama explicitly decreed it.

There is only peaceful individuals (all Islamic, of course) who have been oppressed, traumatized, disoriented, and radicalized by greedy American capitalistic domination.

Who wouldn’t become a terrorist? Even a monk would become a terrorist, having been subjected to greedy American capitalistic domination and greedy American carbon dioxide emission. Although, so far, only muslims have become terrorists, soon monks and nuns will probably join them.

Obama and Hassan are CONFEDERATES. Even now, Obama is covering up this outrageous, murderous act of radical Islamic terrorism against America by his brother. Wire taps are being erased, federal government documents burned, at this moment. Obama will spin away the crimes he advocates.

Remember, Obama is not just weak against terrorism. Obama IGNORES and EXCUSES and COVERS UP terrorism, when it is carried out by muslims; but what other kind of terrorism is there?

Obama has a soft spot in his heart for terrorism against the great satan called America.

To destroy capitalism, and end republican government, Obama has useful friends.


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