Obama Pathological Lying Infection Spreads Among Dems

Obama’s 100% veracity deficit disorder (OVDD) is spreading among his envious dem retainers, faster than H1N1 (for which Obama forgot to order enough vaccine – he was practicing up to ruin health care for all Americans. Now we find out vaccine and health care will be doled out preferentially as decided by Obama himself – it’s great to be King).

Bill Owens pulled a massive OVDD scam on the voters in NY’s 23rd district last week, and apparently Obama assisted with the political fraud. Certainly no surprise; Obama can make 7 major lies and throw in a few minor “stretchers” in only two minutes. He is an accomplished liar indeed.

Upstate NY voters were repeatedly guaranteed by Owens a vote AGAINST Obama Medical Fraud Obamacare (OMFO).

Instead, they woke up with another supporter of government abortion and free health care for all illegal aliens. Obama says Owens would have had a difficult time indeed getting elected had he told the truth to the voters in NY-23. I guess Obama can slip in the truth now and then, just to keep Michelle on her toes probably.


Pathological lying team leaders shoot for lying record

Story here: OOPS! The New York Times Reports President Obama Acknowledged Today That He and Bill Owens Pulled a Health Care Fast One on the Voters in NY-23


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