Fox News Dances

Fox News has choreographed an apostasy tonight.

America, good-bye, says Fox News. Fox News will now make arrangements it finds expedient to accomodate Cuban style medicine, which Fox News deems superior to American medicine.

Private industry? Fox News considers it a mistake. “Government” whatever that is, will rule everything.

Fox News has agreed to it. Fox News is controlled by Arabs, which is why Geraldo Rivera was hired there.

The Fox News coverage of the Pelosi abomination was horribly slanted to cast the outrage as some sort of victory.

Government cannot run anything economically; and government is not designed to. The present direction of government is clearly outside the scope of our constitutional, republican form of government. Government will ruin the best health care system in the world now, like it has ruind mortgage banking, banking in general, and automotive manufacturing. Our once vibrant, productive, and nearly utopian economy will be replaced by government’s answer to Keystone Cops, usurping what decisions were formally made according to the US Constitution by free markets.

Health care is not broken, nor was it ever broken. Government is broken. Journalism is broken. The US Constitution is ignored, generally.

We don’t need to fix health care. We need to fix government. Journalism can go to hell.

Fox News has come down on the side of fascism, this night.


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