Change: Pain Killers Replace Surgery

Obama unveils more change – SURPRISE!

H/T: Atlas Shrugs Socialized ObamaCare UPDATE: Let them Eat PeloS**T Cake!

Pain killers are cheaper than surgery, old timer. You had your heyday. Heck, you’re 65 years old! People in Pakistan need health care too. Why should Americans get all the health care? It’s simple, they shouldn’t. What could be more clear? Let government decide who gets the health care, and who doesn’t. That’s where free markets have failed. Let’s start by giving H1N1 vaccine to the prisoners we have oppressed in Guantanamo, before we give them to any more Americans. It would show we are learning not to be so greedy and selfish. That’s our main problem, is to show we’re not so greedy and selfish. America has oppressed the rest of the world long enough. Take your pain killer, and die. There’s barely enough doctors in this country to take adequate care of our elite government czars, anyway. Get real. Government is calling the shots now. We won. Just ask the banks and the auto manufacturers.


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