Jihad Against Black African Christians

Where does Obama stand on the Jihad against black African Christians in Sudan?

See the story of Simon Deng, escaped black Sudanese slave taken by – muslims in Sudan – below.

Where does Obama stand on “cleaning the city from the black peoples” in Khartoum?

Here is where Obama stands:

America subservience proudly displayed

America subservience proudly displayed

Obama and the titular head of Islam, Keeper of Mecca, are silent on Islamic subjugation of black Africans

There is good reason why all Americans including African-Americans should eschew Obama and his Islamist retinue. Consider the story of Simon Deng.

Interview with Former Sudanese Slave Simon Deng [VIDEO]

In the first of a three-part interview, the human rights activist tells correspondent Jonathan Gelbart about his escape from bondage and explains why the world has ignored the horrors in Sudan.


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