Imam Obama

It would be wonderful if we had a president who knew something about economics, or history; particularly wonderful if he knew what nationalization has done to health care in Canada, Cuba, or the UK.

Perhaps if he was able to lead our troops? That is far too much to ask; our president can only dither and blather and golf, instead of leading our military. All he does is instruct them not to shoot turbans. Beautiful.

Alas, our president is expert in two areas: The wonders of islam, and community organizing.

He is well qualified as an imam, obviously. Perhaps a gifted imam. And Obama reminds us, Americans owe a great debt to islam; just watch and listen below.

Islam put the “arch” into architecture, according to historian Obama.

Somehow, printing came from islam. Doctors will work harder for less pay, too.

Let’s give Obama to islam; and call things even.

Muslims only take a few black African slaves today. And Obama is happy with that.


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