“Die Quickly” is the Dem’s Health Plan, explains Robert Reich

Verum Serum found the indisputable evidence Video: Robert Reich Reveals Obama’s Lies on Health Reform (Updated)

via Gateway Pundit Obama Advisor Admitted Senior Health Care Will Be Rationed Under Dem’s Plan… “It’s Too Expensive” (Video)

Robert Reich says it’s the Dems who plan for you to die quickly, Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fl. Grayson, your story is backward. Why are we not surprised.

Reich also says new drug inventions cost too much. Forget about any increases to longevity; by design of the Democrats! Per self-proclaimed “progressives,” PROGRESS IS BACKWARD, also. Back to the grass hut, and back to the caves is precisely where progressives want human civilization.

Download the entire clip (audio) here.

One Response

  1. Love the piece!

    There is still one big lie in this though…. Reich notes that we won’t ‘extend your life by a couple months.’ The real intent is to cut the life expectancy of senior citizens by years – not months.

    All medical decisions become actuarial ones under Obamacare. The higher the cost of the procedure, the greater the chance of being denied. Procedures that extend a good quality of life or several years are in fact expensive and given the state of medical malpractice law, are getting much more expensive.

    Without legal reform and with the new method of deciding what procedures will be approved, seniors can expect a much shorter and more painful final few years.

    At least Reich seems to make an attempt at honesty though.

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