ACORN Throws Out Republican Voter Registrations

Obviously, ACORN throws out Republican voter registrations.

Your government still pays ACORN. Obama pays ACORN, even today, with your children’s cash.

only at Atlas Shrugs tonight.

ACORN Threw Out Republican Voter Registrations


Pamela: Have you worked with ACORN in the past, is this your first experience with them?

Fathiyyah Muhammad: This is my first experience. This actually, I believe about February or March, this was before Obama got the nomination, long before then. So I really was… I’m a Republican, and this was the first time that I voted for a Democrat since JFK.

I heard about this group that was paying $3.00 per person, to go out and to get people to sign up to vote. So I went over, I thought that well this is a good way to make some money because I know everybody, you know. I went over there and this guy signed me up and everything and gave me my little pad all this stuff. Well I went out and got a lot of people, homeless people, but of course I signed everybody up as a Republican, and I would have put people had they been Democrats. So I showed what I had and he said NO NO, you a fraud, there can’t be any black Republicans, and Oh, he just kind of hung me out to dry.

He took my papers, didn’t pay me anything and I just left, I just figured that this is just another scam. So when I heard, recently about this, all of the problems they were having…..

Pamela: ACORN has been doing this a long time. I mean look, it was already back in November of 2006 when they were indicted on some 40 000 illegal registrations, and that was before any…this organization, the racketeering of this organization goes back some time, it’s not new, but the discovery..

Fathiyyah Muhammad: I know, I’m learning all about it, since this new revelation, really reading and checking up on it. I mean I can’t believe that they got away with it for so long.

Pamela: Well nobody was checking up on them, and even now there is resistance to exposing it. But let me ask you a couple of questions. Now for the party affiliation, you, the person said Republican or you could put down anything you wanted?

Fathiyyah Muhammad: You could put down anything you wanted.

Pamela: Oh.

Fathiyyah Muhammad: But of course their main aim was to register only Democrats. They’re not interested in registering Republicans.

Pamela: And you saw them throw out the Republican registrations you made?

Fathiyyah Muhammad: Right, oh yes, right, they just discarded those, they weren’t valid.


2 Responses

  1. What color shirts does ACORN wear? Red? or maybe Brown?

    ACORN is the street enforcer for Democrats.

    This is just one of the many ‘flops’ produced by this administration. Like Hollywood, the DC types have come up with some huge losers ( )

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