Obama Progress – to 1921 Russia

When Obama says he is for progress, keep in mind he means progress back to 1921 Russia, as it was ruled by Obama’s mentor Lenin.

Obama’s passion to recreate the past, particularly the past of Russia and Red China, ought to raise questions about Obama’s credentials as a self proclaimed “student of history” at the same time it raises questions about the entire “progressive” movement.

Obama and Lenin use the same indoctrination techniques for the school children, too. Alinsky taught Obama (posthumously). Obama copies the failed tactics of Lenin, and calls it progress. Can you believe it.

Chillguy33 said: “If you have a really bad idea, take it to the children.” Lenin did, and Obama obliges also.

Ultimately, the brainwashing did not pan out for the Marxists and Stalinists in Russia or the Maoists in Red China. But the brainwashing sure did cause a crisis of continental-scale human suffering for about 50 years.

Try it again, Obama. Now that’s progress.

H/T and Story: Mmm Mmm Mmm Lyrics Moonbattery

[but that 1921 Russian video clip is sure top quality, huh?]


2 Responses

  1. and one from Romania:

  2. we are a bunch o guys from romania, canada, us and israeil, and this is the post we made long time ago about the obama video. before the msm picked it up 🙂

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