Obama Style Rx For Greedy Capitalists

You and your system are broken. Your constitution is completely wrong, backwards, and written by illiterate, uneducated, and racist morons. Your system has driven America and Americans to the utter brink of absolute destruction. America was never really successful; apparent success was a complete illusion constructed at the expense of African slaves. Far from being the greatest civilization of history, America is a sewer of greedy capitalists feeding unfairly off the productivity of Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Rashid Kahlidi, Obama’s brothers the Marxist Black Panthers, and ACORN consultants, and the Rest of the World. The whole thing, everything in America, alphabetically from Health Insurance to Health Care, was broken badly, and hanging by the slenderest of threads. But First Hero of the State Obama is here now.

Obama will show us how government can fix us and control us perfectly, without greed and inefficiency. Capitalism is inherently greedy and inefficient and always requires slaves to operate. Government requires no slaves, unless you count confiscatory taxation, wealth redistribution in favor of those Obama chooses, complete economic control, and mind control by Obama, as slavery.

To fix YOU, greedy capitalist, Obama will require control of the automotive industry, Wall Street and the banking and finance industries, all energy production, health care, and health insurance. Of course, big pharma (and small pharma) is in there, inevitably, too. Print media, MSM, and talk radio are now joining Obama’s control list.

Obama will need to control the executive payrolls throughout the United States of Obamunism. What does this get him? The mind boggles.

Obama controls a large share of the agriculture in America already (and he is shutting it down, unwisely, just to demonstrate who is in control) in the San Jaoquin Valley.

Obama is very serious about control.

For example, if you don’t buy Obama’s brand of insurance, you will go to jail for up to a year.

Story here: The Gateway Pundit Unreal – Obamacare Violaters Will Face Up To One Year in Jail

Just try importing a car from Japan or Germany in four years.

So - somebody DOES know what is in all these 2000 page bills!

So - somebody DOES know what is in all these 2000 page bills!

In Obama’s brand of American history, there only ever has existed (racially based) slavery. Either capitalists pick the slaves, or he does. He is pleased and happy to pick; and that’s fair, because only Obama knows the truth. The rest of us believe in freedom, or did before Obama’s mind control. What Obama believes in is slavery; all he has to do is make sure he controls who is the slave.

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