Friend of Taliban, Friend of Obama

Say, that Taliban is All Right, you know!

Say, that Taliban is All Right, you know!

Gaddafi’s darling children, boy and girl, operate “charities” in Libya, a dictatorship. The father of the operators of the charities is the dictator; got this picture?

What better receptacle for your children’s college fund, than the charities that Muammar al-Gaddafi’s children “operate,” within their father’s dictatorship.

That’s right. Obama is spreading your cash as only he can – to the “charities” operated by Gaddafi’s children. $400,000 to Obama is miniscule “spreading around” money; apparently an alliance between Africa’s SON Obama (accordin to al-Gaddafi) and Gadaffi, is a great bargain, Obama thinks.

Son of Africa Obama aided the release of al-Gadaffi’s OTHER HERO, Abdel Baset Ali al-Megrahi, none other than the Lockerbie Bomber himself, murderer of 169 Americans.

Said al-Gadaffi, BIOLOGICAL son of Gadaffi, and charity operator, is the man in Libya who organized the celebration of Abdel Baset Ali al-Megrahi’s early release from prison, and return to Libya. Obama would like to slip him $200,000 in reward.

After all, in Libya, nobody knows what a “college” is. They read ONLY the dictator’s book (seriously, “The Green Book).” Your cash will help them a) build universities or b) bomb more international airlines with gratitude to Africa’s Son Obama.

$400,000 (of your cash) Is To Be Split Between Charities Run By Gadhafi Family Members


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