Who is ACORN?

What?  Me worry about lying?

What? Me worry about lying?

Mad, Alfred E. Neumann Obama likeness: Alfred E. Obama: What, Me ACORN?

Who is Maya? Who is Malia? It’s easy to understand how Obama forgets them; they are his own family.

I doubt you could believe for an instant that Obama doesn’t remember ACORN and the vast plurality of phoney voters they registered fraudulently for him, for DECADES. Obviously, Obama thinks you will believe Obama doesn’t remember ACORN.

I have been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career.” (Obama, in address to ACORN in 2007)

ACORN, and Obama are one. Any lie; any crime committed to organize a community, destroy a bank, a factory, or an entire free market industry (or especially to whore out a kid), is OK with Obama, and OK with ACORN.


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  1. […] criminals for the purpose of defeating the democratic process! Why is Eric Holder permitting this? Obama and ACORN are One. Obama is no friend of […]

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