Obama Whitehouse: Crybabies, says Wallace

The seat of the executive branch of American government, the Whitehouse, is occupied by crybabies, says Chris Wallace, who is in a position to know.

Not your regular crybabies, though. The “biggest bunch of crybabies (Wallace) has dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.”

Wallace probably voted for Obama. At least, he didn’t have much negative to say, a year ago. That was then.

Wallace is wrong, they are not crybabies, they are just profound, unmitigated, liars; which I think Chris Wallace could interpret as crybabyism. Or, maybe –

When the Whitehouse lies, silence is the journalistic solution. Or call them something cute like “crybabies.” Just error-prone; the lies are non-toxic; cute, really.

Any more serious accusations would be explained as more racism from typical white persons out there; which obviously is, and has been, the favorite and essential Whitehouse lie.

H/T: Flopping Aces, Chris Wallace – Obama White House Is Full Of Crybabies


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