Obama, tonight and forever: Amnesty!

How can we give free health care to illegal aliens? Simple, says Obama. AMNESTY.

AMNESTY for illegal aliens will tie up the loose ends, end the red tape, make things simple again, and save $$$TRILLIONS in paperwork processing costs from the Bush spending debacle. A new computer for each illegal alien will also be needed. AMNESTY will fix our broken immigration system, for sure, since it is granted to all the future illegal aliens and their heirs and assigns who haven’t arrived yet. And if $$$TRILLIONS aren’t saved, Obama promises to change the law so they will be saved (once AMNESTY and Obamacare are law). Or if Obama doesn’t change the law, the next guy in office certainly will. Obama promises he will.

A president who is a student of history would know of a few (300 MILLION) problems with AMNESTY. Alas, Obama has eschewed the subject of history, and thinks that Cuban health care is successful demonstration of socialized medicine. (You can neglect Obama’s claim that he is a student of history safely. Obama LIES).

Now begins Obama’s bid for AMNESTY. While we’re at it, we should throw in AMNESTY for the folks who trained and funded ACORN, I presume he is thinking.

Obama: Illegals Won’t Be Covered Under My Plan. So, We’ll Just Legalize The 12 Million Undocumented

Obama has said “AMNESTY” from the start; and “AMNESTY” is what he states, tonight.

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