Its ACORNgate Time For Obama

Obama has worked for, trained, collaborated with, and generously funded FOR DECADES ACORN and its staff of embezzlers, fraud feasors, tax cheats, prostitutes and retired prostitutes, child prostitution advocates and supporters, loan application liars, bullies, general miscreants and ne’er do wells, and wholesale voter registration fraud artists, AND LIED ABOUT IT to America.

But when Obama lies, new federal laws kick in, WHICH PROHIBIT CALLING HIM A LIAR.

Now how are we supposed to discourage Obama from lying at least twice in each sentence (when he opens his mouth, and when he closes it)? Calling him a liar is now against Federal Law. Obama’s freedom of speech initiative. Perfect Freedom of HIS speech. To hell with everybody else.

Nixon lied one time – the mendacious machine of Obama and ACORN are compulsive liars that cannot give lying a rest; cannot take a breather from lying. It’s time for Obama’s ACORNgate impeachment trial. In fact, impeachment of Obama for lying about his relationship with a major and controversial (including indicted) recipient of federal funding is about 8 months overdue.

Remember? ACORN’s founders were embezzlers; ACORN has been indicted several times for voter registration fraud long before ACORNgate and the highly revealing, if not surprising, events of the last week. Nothing could dissuade Obama from funding ACORN; he was buying votes! He continued to buy votes by funding ACORN (until yesterday) with your kid’s college fund.

Rigging fraudulent voter registrations to rack up Obama votes is what ACORN did; and that’s what Obama funded ACORN for.

Obama has met his ACORNgate. Let’s put his administration away into history, before the next tragic, outrageous, assault on all Americans by Obama and his vote rigging team, which until a day ago, consisted about 90% of of ACORN.

ACORN-Gate.  We cut off Obama's ACORNs; now let's cut off Obama.

ACORN-Gate. We cut off Obama's ACORNs; now let's cut off Obama.


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