Obama’s Agenda – Straight From ACORN

Obama fronted ACORN $800,000 from his campaign coffers; no telling how much Soros paid to ACORN for Obama voter registrations, phoney or not.

Obama has made ACORN a key recipient of “emergency” funding from Obama’s “stimulus” plan.

Obama and the Woods Fund of Chicago (Obama partner Bill Ayer’s outfit) have funded ACORN tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Obama sued banks with ACORN to force them to write bad mortgages; which defaulted mortgages later would strangle economies around the world (while Obama, still with ACORN, demands more bad mortgages).

Obama worked at ACORN, Obama trained ACORN. Obama ran Project Vote in close collaboration with ACORN.

It makes perfect sense indeed that the Agenda of Obama’s administration should come straight from ACORN – listen to Obama’s own words:

H/T: Ace of Spades Flashback: Obama to Acorn: We’re Goin’ to be Callin’ on You to Help Shape the Agenda


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