Joe Wilson fundraising EXPLODES!

Joe Wilson is the man who stood up, when the rest cowered and hid. When the rest slurpped up Obama’s spew with a spoon, and begged for more.

Wilson fundraising is absolutely exploding. Why? He, almost alone, had the gumption to stand up, and speak up.

In case you wimps and losers didn’t notice, Obama lies have replaced the US Constitution, while you do nothing.

Obama takes every license to lie, and his claim that Obamacare will be budget neutral is the most palpable of atrocious Obama lies.

America has no means to protect itself from such brazen Obama lies, which spout forth whenever Obama’s lips move, no matter who is listening, no matter the venue, no matter the effrontery required.

Obama has utter license to exercise extreme effrontery, at his whim. Exactly like Stalin, Kruschev, Lenin, Mao, and Castro did.

Until there was Joe Wilson.

When spineless, politically correct Republicans (losers, with a capital “L”) give us a solution to halt the extreme, mendacious effrontery of Obama, I will listen.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why any conservative or Republican would make a donation to any of the lameo Repubs, who meekly swill down Obama lie after serial Obama lie.

Repubs, cut off the spineless ones. They’ve taken advantage too long.

Wilson campaign: Fundraising breaks $1 million, passes Miller

A source on Rep. Joe Wilson’s campaign says his fundraising has broken $1 million — and surpassed that of his Democratic rival, Rob Miller — since his outburst of “You lie!” during President Obama’s address to Congress Wednesday.

The source said Wilson’s current tally is $1,005,021 from 18,859 donations amid a high-profile campaign on the Drudge Report and elsewhere telling conservatives that Wilson is “under attack” for his willingness to take on Obama.

Wilson, who initially apologized for his words, is now riding a reaction that has surpassed the liberal backlash to his words: Miller has raised less than $900,000, according to the Democratic fundraising site ActBlue — though still more than enough to envigorate his challenge.

Still, Wilson’s success — despite having been criticized by Republican leaders — represents the power of the conservative grassroots to reward politicians who confront the White House in the sharpest terms.

Joe Wilson campaign funding EXPLODES

Joe Wilson campaign funding EXPLODES

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