Obama IS ACORN; and ACORN is Obama.

ACORN lecture 0001:  the end justifies the means

ACORN lecture 0001: the end justifies the means

ACORN stands for “community organizer.” Obama’s profession, and his only profession, is “community organizing.” Obama TAUGHT ACORN how to “community organize.” Obama became famous among “community organizers” for teaching them so well. Obama is nothing if not ACORN.

OBAMA IS ACORN. ACORN is Obama’s scene. Criminality, lies to America, lies to Congress, high crimes and misdemeanors, is very much Obama’s scene, and outside of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, Obama’s only scene.

Obama has instructed ACORN carefully in procedures, methods, vote fraud, affordable mortgages, class warfare, and hatred of America and Americans; all the fundamentals of “community organizing.”

Here is ACORN’s progress report for Obama, today. Remember, Obama funds ACORN heavily in his “stimulus” package. ACORN is where Obama chooses to “spread around” the college funds of your grandchildren. Check out Obama’s results.

Story here: Obama’s ACORN is here to help SBVOR

Others posting (brilliantly): Investigating Obama ACORN Falls at Obama’s Tree: Their Close Working Relationship


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