OUT of Afghanistan, death-commander Obama


Obama’s aimless, useless operation in Afghanistan is a death trap

Obama will not protect American soldiers.

Obama will not allow American soldiers to protect themselves.

Obama will never permit American victory in Afghanistan

Obama is setting our troops up, in Afghanistan
Lifted with links entirely and unapologeticlly, but appreciatively, from ATLAS SHRUGS

Another ambush in Afghanistan today, another four US soldiers dead.

Again, I ask, why is Obama keeping our finest young Americans there as victory is not the objective. BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME. Obama’s aimless, useless operation in Afghanistan is a death trap.

    He is setting up our troops in Afghanistan

August Beats July as the Deadliest Month for America’s Finest, our Troops

We are the leftopath’s anti war protests? Where is da mama sheethan?

These conservatives (many whom I like) are wrong. They do not understand Islam. They do not know who and what the ideology is so how could they possibly recommend a proper war strategy? Seriously.

Mr. President, you have put in place the military leadership and sent the initial resources required to begin bringing this war to a successful conclusion. The military leadership has devised a strategy that will reverse the errors of previous years, free Afghans from the chains of tyranny, and keep America safe. We call on you to fully resource this effort, do everything possible to minimize the risk of failure, and to devote the necessary time to explain, soberly and comprehensively, to the American people the stakes in Afghanistan, the route to success, and the cost of defeat.


July: Highest Death toll


August Beats July in Highest death toll of US soldiers in one month

Islam at War: NATO Headquarters Bombed in Afghanistan, 7 Dead, 91 wounded

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