Happy Labor Day – from Obama!

If you are still working, of course.

Obama is celebrating a soaring national unemployment rate of 9.7% with a couple rounds of golf today.

The last president to lift unemployment rates to such frothy and rarefied levels was Obama’s mentor Jimmy Carter; using pretty much the same progressive policies from 1850 that Obama is trying again also.

Obama has a few new progressive touches, though, like destroying the coal industry, ruining health insurance companies, and nationalizing the auto industry, and closing all auto dealers with a history of funding republicans.

Obama also wants to reduce the scheduled rate for foot amputations from $50,000 down to something more reasonable, like $25 or so. Doctors are such capitalist pigs.

With these new tricks up his sleeve, Obama should be able to get the national unemployment rate up far above Carter’s old progressive benchmark. Hurrah!

Remember to count your blessings this labor day, and thank Obama.

And if you have a ton of extra cash, like all greedy capitalists and typical white folks do, please remember the voter organizing folks at ACORN with your generous donations this season.


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