Who Wrote Obama’s “Stimulus” Package?

Quiz – and don’t look down yet: Who Wrote Obama’s “Stimulus” Package?


Why is this radical so close to the President? Does the president know of this character’s unsavory terrorist past?

Who vetted him? Who would let such a communist criminal in close proximity to the President? The Secret Service? The FBI?

The co-founder of the Weather Underground — this guy is a domestic terrorist and he’s well-connected to the White House.

Isn’t it more than a bit strange that Obama and his wife are connected to all of these radicals like Jeff Jones, Bill Ayers, his wife Bernadine Dorhn (who worked with Michelle), and many others?

Keep rushing them with this, keep the Cloward-Piven orchestrated crisis type pressure on, keep exposing these commie rats who work in the Obama White House. Keep doing the job the media will not do.

And when we’re done with Jones, let’s talk about Mark Lloyd, the FCC Diversity Czar who thinks Hugo Chavez’ revolution is a wonderful thing. And wants to shut down and censor our media the way Chavez did to implement his regime.

Once again, we are The New Media, doing the job the mainstream media won’t….

Be sure to count Obama among the Marxists and anti-capitalists that surround the preisdent, Andrea. He is by far the most important one. He is where it all starts (unless Michelle is).


2 Responses

  1. The problem is when you try to tie the “terrorist ” label on the President of United States you sacrifice your credibility.
    People may not like the President. But only a delusional fool thinks Obama is in cahoots with people whose goal is to terrorize our country.
    You are definitely from another planet.
    “Klaatu barada nikto.””

    • All of Obama’s pals are from another planet, too.

      Including his cabinet and his politburo, with exceptions I could count on one hand.

      The one with no credibility is Obama!

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