Obama Admin: Follow The Green Bouncy Ball, Please.

All you greens out there, you surely believe what the Obama administration tells you.

The green movement of the Obama administration is a foil. I know this because the Obama administration tells me (e.g. see below). While you watch Obama manipulate the pretty green bouncy ball, as a distraction, Obama has some other, far more important project progressing, but hidden from view – hidden, except for a few childish, boastful outbursts from the tin-eared cadre.

The Obama administration told me it was going to bankrupt coal; and I believe it will try. Should make for a timely and useful crisis.

But the most important goal, the top priority, of the Obama administration has nothing to do with carbon dioxide or air pollution.

Obama and his retainers have one overarching goal, beside which all the other little cute, flashy, but minor if not outright false goals pale.

Van Jones, Obama’s Green Jobs Czar, explains it here in great detail (as he has elsewhere). COMPLETE REVOLUTION IS ON THE TABLE. The singular, and preemptive goal is revolution; which Jones defines as including racist reparations for slavery, and includes complete wealth redistribution.. It is time for crisis, Cloward-Piven, and it is time for Alinsky. Green jobs are only a bit role in the major screenplay.

Story here: Investigating Obama – Van Jones Caught Jonesin’ for the Communist Vanguard

The highest priority is the Marxist Revolution planned by Van Jones and all the Marxists Obama has appointed, the few he has not, and Obama himself.

Pursuing the Alinsky revolution, and maintaining it, will be far more expensive than Obama and his Marxist retainers imagine. Productivity will sputter and fail miserably, as it now has in Venezuela, Cuba, and every other Communist revolution. There will be no cash for photovoltaic devices which require 200 years to pay off, but produce energy for 25 years. There will be no cash for wind turbines, which have never been efficient sources of energy, over their 3000 year history. There will be no cash for redundant power sources, and/or batteries, which are absolutely required when the wind doesn’t blow and when the sun does not shine. There will be no cash for massive extension of power grids into the desert. Obama’s plan is hopeless; but Obama’s green plan is ridiculous.

But here’s the point: The “Green Plan” and the “Revolution” described by idiot Van Jones, are mutually exclusive. They are absolutely incompatible. As long as Obama remains in the White House, the real goal will be pursuing the Alinsky Revolution.


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