Need An MRI, fast? Got a brain tumor?

If you need an MRI fast, in the Canadian health care system Obama thinks would be just great for America, you are out of luck, unless Buffalo is close by.

(Rumor has it the best doctors in the US practice near the Canadian border; Obama knows how to fix that little problem, too).

Maybe you’ve got the MRI, and need brain surgery NOW. You are SOL again, in the Canadian system, at least as it applies in Ontario. Going to Buffalo is the only solution, if you want to live. You can do it today, Obama has not fixed that yet.

When Obama is done with health care in Buffalo, it will resemble the system in Ontario. “Canadians will be waiting 2 to 3 years for surgery.” As will Americans. Equal opportunity medicine from Obama.

Good plan, Obama. A health-care genius and noted historian, but you have not a clue about what happens in a socialized health care system in your own back yard, Chicagoan, do you? Your powers of observation are limited to the inspired works of Saul Alinsky, aren’t they?

Should we give up the best health care system in the world, bar none, because Obama says so?

Lifted ceremoniously from Moonbattery: Why Single-Payer Is A Dirty Term

See also A Short Course In Brain Surgery At Free Market Cure

See also H.R. 3200: Totalitarian Health Care (with blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens desiring free treatment)


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