Obama Bungles Swine Flu Vaccine

“Bungles” Obama and his team of felons, tax cheats, and abortion hobbyists, asserts continuously that you would receive much better health care if it were provided by Him, instead of greedy doctors and insurance companies.

Just don’t ask Him for swine flu vaccine this fall or winter. When it was time to secure swine flu vaccine supplies, with plenty of notice, LAST WINTER, Obama was otherwise occupied, making plans for death panels to aide him speed the demise of old, typical white people.

Setting up an Obamistic mechanism to directly debit your bank account was another high priority.

The lack of concern, and inattention to detail, in the Obama administration, in the little matter of swine flu vaccine, can make no reflection on its ability to provide superior health care, can it?

In the careful and studied estimation of “Bungles” Obama, government can provide much superior health care to that of greedy doctors who make $50,000 for each foot they amputate. Every nickel of insurance company profit is chiseled directly out of the free health care Obama will guarantee to any illegal alien who can shoot his way into America; what a crime.

“Bungles” Obama is so fully consumed, issuing idiotic inanities about the greed of doctors, capitalists, bankers, auto executives, wall street “types,” and typical white folk, that he forgot to check on the supply of swine flu vaccine last winter.

When Obama was elected, I had the freedom to choose my own doctor. That will change, if Obama has his way.

With “Bungles” Obama running the country, all you can have is hope.

Some Change For Health Care, Obama-Style

Some Change For Health Care, Obama-Style

U.S. Won’t Have Enough Swine Flu Vaccine in October

Monday, August 17, 2009 9:39 PM

WASHINGTON — The U.S. won’t have nearly as much swine flu vaccine ready by mid-October as long predicted _ 45 million doses instead of the anticipated 120 million.

Health and Human Services spokesman Bill Hall said Monday more will arrive rapidly after that. About 20 million more doses will be shipped every week until the governments gets its full order, 195 million doses in all.

But the now-anticipated delay, which is blamed on manufacturing issues, will extend by a month efforts to get people at highest risk vaccinated against the new flu strain.


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  1. […] H1N1 flu – wasn’t the Obama administration responsible for ordering vaccine (see Obama bungles Swine Flue Vaccine)? Obama neglected to order enough; he was otherwise occupied planning his Maoist coup to take over […]

  2. […] defict disorder (OVDD) is spreading among his envious dem retainers, faster than H1N1 (for which Obama forgot to order enough vaccine – he was practicing up to ruin health care for all Americans. Now we find out vaccine and health […]

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