Health Care Crisis Evaporates

The Health Care Industry, singly responsible for all government deficits in the past, and every penny of the mushrooming Obama spending deficits going forward, as of LAST WEEK, is now magically off the Obama/Alinsky crisis “hook.” On the surface, this might appear to be good news, but . . .

Obama will attack every industry operating in the free market; because Obama knows in infinite detail how each and every industry should and must be operated efficiently – he went to communist school, which is all it takes. Free markets are highly inefficient, at communist school.

Health Care is OUT of Obama’s raping barrel, as if by magic. Health Care is now as pure and clean as the driven snow. Taking Health Care’s place as Obama’s next demolition zone, quicker than Obama can say “uh” eighty-seven times (and that is quick), is the evil Health Insurance Industry, which is now responsible for all government deficits, forward and back. Any industry where there is profit, to hire more folks, is precisely what enrages and transfixes Obama to nationalize, destroy, fire, irradiate, and euthanize that industry.

You see, the Health Insurance Industry is not run by government bureaucrats, which is a most egregious shortcoming according to Obama’s communist school, where he learned how to run all industries efficiently in a few weeks of intensive study. The Health Insurance Industry is run by greedy white capitalist racial profiling guys very inefficiently. Not like highly trained government bureaucrat pothead communists politician czars. But, very much like the Health Care Industry was, only last week.

Listen to this slithering poisonous snake do his magic weasel step, if you can stand it. May the force be with you; and with our free markets and free market industries, which made America the greatest civilization ever, and will again.


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