Obama KGB Operations Gaining Upper Hand

Obama's Distinctive New KGB Insignia

Obama's Distinctive New KGB Insignia

Funding for Obama’s distinctive and colorful new KGB insignia was approved by Congress in January with the Economic Stimulus Package. And, a robust cadre of experienced KGB veterans was acquired in the Soviet Motherland, saving thousands of American jobs. Startup of Obama KGB operations is only now gaining momentum in the White House, however. Obviously, deepening, extending and capitalizing on America’s most useful economic crisis has been at the very top of Obama’s priorities. However, with recent announcements from the Obama KGB internal security pogrom, everyone can see that Obama KGB operations are beginning to rock and roll. Freedom of speech was simply a mistake in the original Constitution; don’t fear, Obama’s KGB will fix it quickly.

Thanks for Vid link: SBVOR Unconstitutional Intimidation of Free Speech


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