Obama Clique: Slow American Medical Innovation

Greedy doctors study only the insurance company fee schedule in determining therapy for their patients, we have on great authority – or what should be great authority (Obama).

From elsewhere in Obama’s clique of disturbed thinkers (a Dr. David Blumenthal) we receive the inspiration that slowing medical innovation will permit us to control health care costs. Obama’s cousin, Fidel Castro, also did this first in Cuba.

Reduce costs, provided we don’t treat the disabled, we don’t treat those with dementia, and we “progressively” reduce health care efforts and expenditures as the patient becomes more aged. A gold mine for the Obama clique.

George Orwell has finally arrived, only 25 years late; but he is the prognisticator of prognisticators. Recommended reading to understand the Obama clique? Animal Farm, 1945, by George Orwell, who describes the dementia of the disturbed Obama clique to the letter, in 1945.


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