Idiot Dingell Cannot “Handle” Tort Reform To Save US Medicine

Tort Reform is not for Dingell and Congress – these idiots are all lawyers or lawyer wannabees.

Congressman John Dingell holds a Town Hall meeting on August 6thm 2009. He didn’t promote the event and held it in a room that held 150 at most. More than 600 people showed up and, as you can see from these videos, Congressman Dingell’s constituents are not happy. The front rows were stacked with his supporters BTW.

In this particular video, the Congressman was asked about Tort Reform and says there is only so much they can do. So much for going after one of the biggest causes of expensive health rates.

Expensive health care is not the problem we are fixing. Senators, Congressmen, and the Obama clique want more power, want more influence, want more wealth, want more industries to control, play with, and ruin. The problem is greedy, power hungry government; and we are fixing it temporarily (for an instant) by giving up our Health Care, the best in the world, and our rights and freedoms. But Congress will have CADILLAC health care – there is the clunker/clincher.

Obamacare meets another friendly reception – but I don’t hear any supporters, do you? Big Journalism likes the Obama clique’s plan, though. H/T: The Astute Bloggers GIVING ‘EM HELL: GOD BLESS THE CONSTITUTION AND CONSTITUTION-LOVING OBAMACARE-HATING CITIZENS OF THE USA!


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