Dim Transparency: Obamacare Discussion Is Verboten.

If one (a constituent, say) attempts to discuss this certain special topic rationally with a Dim politician or Dim holder of elected office, the person so doing is 100% guaranteed to be cursed, lectured, ignored, stonewalled, browbeaten, and now probably assaulted by Obama’s ACORN, SEIU, and/or Americorps thugs. The topic is Obama’s brainchild, Obamacare. Public opinion is obviously exploding overwhelmingly against Obamacare; but no Journalist wants to encounter the rath of the Dims by saying so. We bloggers must carry the water.

“Dim Transparency” hints of a new state of matter, with transcendent density.

The best a Dim can hope for is that the monstrosity Obamacare plan passes, and his constituents are satisfied when he claims he “never read the bill. (Not enough time)” Considering this further, perhaps Dims will soon realize everybody already knows what absolute garbage is in the bill; then they better start “hoping” it fails.

The Dims can’t read; the Dim’s won’t listen. What good are they?

Story here: SBVOR Today’s Cartoon: Manufactured Protests

Congressman Scott (a natural born demagogue, Georgia Dim-13) excellent video here


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