Obama’s Brilliant Gift To America

This is it: CLUNKER CARE

We had the greatest healthcare system in the world; even better healthcare than that of the political, economic, and nuclear engineering genius Fidel Castro (head of the well known Journalist island paradise; where Journalists are imprisoned and other Journalists don’t care, because it would interrupt their worship of Castro).

Obama now insists on CLUNKER CARE for all of America (except elite officials and the Obama clique). I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I will be SO HAPPY to have life-saving health care denied to me, and my family and to Americans of age, because Obama wants to deliver it instead to Pakistan or whatever other place intrigues him; with US paying the bill. While Obama puts saline solution in my crankcase and revs me up, for laughs. I will be lucky to have a job, let alone funding Obama’s health experiments in Pakistan, because of Obama’s penchant for arm-twisting otherwise honest bankers into writing nothing-down mortgages. But Obama wants it all. 45 years of paying into social security entitles me to nothing; thank you, Obama for making that clear. Anybody who voted for social security is a sucker. Anybody who permits his “government” representative to vote for “Clunker Care” is also a sucker.

Obama is the rebirth, or maybe the afterbirth, of Fidel Castro. We COULD deport him to Kenya; but what would he do to Kenyans? Clunker Care? That would be a crime.

Saline in the crankase of America - Thanks, Obama!

Saline in the crankase of America - Thanks, Obama!


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