Obama, student of history, and Quack Physician

Since American doctors are crooks, and provide only the treatment that maximizes their fees without regard for the well-being of their patients or anybody else, Obama would like to assist doctors in making better choices with their patients.

If you need a pacemaker, Obama knowingly suggests that painkillers may be a much better solution, having examined the ethics of medical doctors with his vast wisdom and in depth. This will save a lot of waste, halving Bush’s deficit and saving $trillions. The perspicacity of this man is utterly amazing. Did you know that Obama was also editor of the Affirmative Action Harvard Medical Review? You may not have these facts at hand, because none of Obama’s records have been permitted to be disclosed to the public, including his place of birth (Kenya), where he studied post-graduate tribal medicine until he was 13 days old, and he could permit his mother to travel.

Americans are indeed fortunate to have a president who is deeply accomplished in auto manufacturing, medicine, banking, mortgage lending, affordable housing, climate, weather, energy, history, finance, law enforcement, community organizing, constitutional law, rocketry, and nuclear physics, like his mentor Dr. James “nuclear engineer” Carter, so that we no longer have to rely on greedy CEOS and crooked doctors and stupid police to poison our economy and ruin our health care decisions by keeping us alive too long.

Big government control is what made America and the Soviet Union what they are today. Just ask the student of history, and Quack Physician.

Story here: Video: Let them eat painkillers


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