Angry Black President Attacks

Like bankers who refuse to eat hemorrhagic losses from writing nothing down mortgages for Obama voters; and like greedy Wall Street CEOs; Obama now reveals that American doctors are crooks, too:

American police are stupid, and for that matter, have “undisputably” always been stupid:

Bankers, greedy CEOs, American doctors, American police can be fixed, and Obama will take control now to fix them. us.

There is one Obama pogrom perfectly structured to save America from the crooked doctors, the stupid police, the bankers who won’t accept government rape, and the greedy capitalist crooks: Obama eugenic care.

Retired doctors, police, bankers, and greedy capitalists will have a choice (the Obama choice). Does the patient have a pasty color?

Who needs crooked doctors when Washington bureaucrats can apply the Obama-approved medical formulas ably enough – to suit Obama, the angry black president?

Who needs stupid police when Obama’s youth corps will deliver on “all the security goals we have set.” (Obama is “we” now).

Who can you trust? Only Obama. Everybody else is a crook!

Welcome to Kenya and the economy of Obama’s post-American future designed by the angry black president and his anger consultants, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Edward Said, Frank Marshall Davis, and Saul Alinsky.


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