Obama Expounds on Women’s Rights

Obama, student of history AND women’s rights, lectures us that women around the world should at last have every right to don the hijab as ordered.

Of course, this means none will be identifiable on their driver’s license; Obama is also a Harvard (anti) constitutional lawyer and the constitution does not require a photo ID on the driver’s license when last he checked (so the constitution is correct for now).

Obama also sanctimoniously holds forth on the dignity of human beings.

Here is a graphic video of water-boarding, a key concern of Obama, invented by Obama’s ideal civilization, Islam:

Burying women to the waste, and stoning them to death, is nothing to worry about either. Genital mutilation of femal children is fine with human rights lecturer Obama. Brutal flagellation meted out to a woman for the high crime of getting raped is not to be brought up.

Rape victim lashed; Atlas Shrugs

Rape victim lashed; Atlas Shrugs

By highlighting the most superficial aspect of women’s rights in the Muslim world, Obama dramatically underplayed the oppression women face.

The oppression humans face. Obama considers capitalist white America the oppressors of the world. He is seriously confused.

The story is here: TD Blog Obama Skips Golden Chance . .


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