Newly Mustachioed Obama Thumps Quran at Jews, Christians

Muslim today; Ayers groupie tomorrow

Muslim today; Ayers groupie tomorrow

Shape-shifter Obama joins Islam for the moment, sports obvious facial hair – and spouts Quranic verse, queued by his equally adaptable teleprompter.

Who or what is your Obama today? Not what he was, or needed to be, yesterday. The Obama electorate, his constituency, has a short memory. Short memory is a characteristic of this constituency, like facial hair is a preference of a majority of Islamic males worldwide. Islamic women need not express an opinion on this or any other topic, however.

What is Obama talking about now? Nuclear autonomy for the radical government of Iran; and by simple logical extension, North Korea?

From The Obama File:  Latest Obamanations

Obama sought a “new beginning” between the United States and the Muslim world on Thursday but offered no new initiative to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

As soon as the speech is analyzed, there will be postings here.

Lots and lots of quotes from the Quran — no word on whether he quoted these lines from heart, or whether TOTUS fed him those lines.

• Yup, the US of A is a meanie, we overreacted to 9/11, and we should get rid of our nukes — Iran can keep theirs.

• The people of Iraq are better off today — but that their liberation was wrong.

Obama pandered to the Muslim world by dissing Israel in a major way, he downplayed the role of terrorism, made Hamas look like a rowdy Boys Glee Club, called for the internationalization of Jerusalem, and used the Palestinian party line to describe the Israeli presence not only in the West Bank and Gaza but its VERY existence.

The Telegraph’s Stephanie Gutmann writes that the worst folly of President Obama’s speech at Cairo University is in the basic premise, to “continue the outreach and the effort to change the conversation with the Muslim world.” This supposedly monolithic “Muslim World” is Swiss cheese. All over the world, as I write this, followers of Fatah are pitted against Hamas, Sunnis against Shi’ites, Janjaweed against Darfurian civilians. There was a terrible war between Iran and Iraq, civil wars in Lebanon and Yemen, military coups d’état in eight Arab countries. Obama should stop mincing around and drop the euphemisms. His problems, our problems, many millions of Muslim’s problems are with radical Islamists — the Al Qaedas, the Hizb al Tahirs, the Hamas, and Hezbollahs of the world.

What didn’t he say? — Obama never mentioned the absence of human rights, women’s rights, and religious rights in the Muslim world.

Obama is the champion of Islam; bowing and scrapping and growing his mustache.  Human rights, women’s rights, and religious rights, are the fleeting vestiges of the failed system, in place before Obama saved us.


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