Jews: Surviving Obama’s Me-Too Marxist Revolution

The greedy capitalists and bondholders and dealers at GM and Chrysler, and greedy Wall Street CEOs, are not the only targets of Obama’s racist war against capitalism.

Jews must be put in their proper place, too. Fascist nazis and fascist Stalinists reached the same conclusion 90 years ago; Obama will progress us back to our future. Handling the Jewish problem is a critical requirement of Obama’s Me-Too Marxist revolution. How do we know this? Body language speaks volumes; watching what Obama does is essential to understanding his personality and victimhood.

The Astute Blogger PHOTO ESSAY: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA AND MAHMOUD ABBAS HAVE A COZY GET TOGETHER– pointed out the extreme body language exhibition of Obama during his recent meeting with Bibi Netanyahu; it can be best appreciated in its stark contrast with Obama’s deep and servile bow to the Saudi King first of April. But here is an excellent analysis of Obama’s obvious inability to communicate with Netanyahu, in comparison to Obama’s “BRIDGING” meet with Palestinian “president” Abbas.


Obama’s stark, cold posture towards Netanyahu and Israel can scarcely be considered an element of alliance or even discussion; and there can be no doubt Netanyahu and Abbas both got the point (as Al Jazeera TV certainly did, and the entire Arab world did). Arab pressure and demands against Israel will be greatly magnified as a result of Obama’s dark exhibition. This result of Obama’s childish, transparent diplomacy is already blooming. Abdullah of Jordan was among the leaders:

Atlas Shrugs: Victimhood or Brotherhood?

King Abdullah of Jordan recently asked Israel to choose between freedom and oppression. He said that Israel must adhere to the Saudi Wahhabi Islamic “peace” plan, which everyone secretly knows is a thinly disguised homicide mission.

The future of Israel and Jews worldwide may closely resemble Chrysler, GM, or worse; at least in Obama’s twisted mentality. Obama casts himself as a victim of racism in his “memoirs,” Israel like American capitalists are too big and too rich to suit victim Obama. Economic success is not envied by Obama; it is despised. Economic success is the same as greed and acquisitiveness which humans must not exhibit in Obama’s vision for humanity; the same old toxic vision. Israel will pay the price of Obama’s victimhood; like American capitalists, and like Jews did in the 1920s through 1945.


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