Outsmarting Obama

Cash From Obama?  A new proverb.

Cash From Obama? A new proverb.

From US very “Special Envoy” Stephen Bosworth, “…the Obama administration is relatively relaxed . . .there is not a sense of crisis.”

Well Shucks, Obama. You have met a better Alinsky student than yourself. You now have a crisis, and heavyweight intellectual (like yourself) Kim Jong Il is not going to let it go to waste.

From Latest Obamanations Obama Suckered by Oldest North Korean Con

Despite Pyongyang’s aggression, Mr. Bosworth has reiterated that the U.S. is “committed to dialogue” and is “obviously interested in returning to a negotiating table as soon as we can.” This is precisely what the North wants: America in a conciliatory mode, eager to bargain, just as Mr. Bush was after the 2006 test.

Taking Cash From Obama is like taking . . . well, what could be easier?

Since America no longer needs oil, it would make a lot of sense to send the commodity which is useless here over to North Korea. Americans have been eating too much food. Send that, too. Obama is The One. Everybody is happier. See, the old solutions of the Bush administration don’t work. Capitalism is a failed system. Don’t be materialists. Send your stuff over to Kim to save the starvation in North Korea. We are humanitarians, first. Kim has that gaunt look of a starving fascist, doesn’t he? Maybe his 1.5 million-strong standing army, in a country of 20 million or so, would like something to eat too. Obama is good for it. Say, Kim, how about some recruitment tips for Obama’s army? And how do you get them to march on empty stomachs?


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