Acquisitiveness, Abhorent to Obama

Spiritual leader (and business maven) Obama has identified the stench of capitalism on the spring breeze in Indiana.

The high crime, the fundamental flaw of Americans and capitalists, is acquisitiveness.

Your and my acquisitiveness troubles Obama very much, at least.

Humans (not including bureaucrats and politicians and union workers and ACORN) should abandon their acquisitiveness!

Wise Obama will select who should be acquisitive, and who should not; and how they should be acquisitive. He’ll let you know soon.

Life is simple; just listen to Obama, who has all the answers, including how to replace capitalism with a much superior system he calls “advice from Obama.”

“Advice from Obama” is brought to you at modest charge from Obama, who requires only the net present value of all your future earnings, and the earnings of your children, and the earnings of your children’s children, forfeited.

Payment will demonstrate you have received Obama’s message on the evils of acquisitiveness; perhaps then you can receive medical care (until you are 65 of course; and hey, this stuff is unsustainable. Doctors in particular have been too acquisitive). This cost is truly modest; Obama is willing to take responsibility for your spirit, your life, your sustenance, at once. You can trust Obama. Obama has all the details straight*, and under control.

Acquisitiveness is an abstraction of self-interest; Obama is railing against self-interest (again).

His misunderstanding and misperception of the nature of humanity is the scotoma of textbook socialism. Elimination of self-interest has been tried by experts vastly more informed, better schooled, and far more determined, than Obama; and they failed, at massive cost in human suffering and premature death.

Abortion and euthanasia are also textbook accoutrements of socialism; consistent with Obama’s naive denial of human self-interest.

Death is not so bad; otherwise you might just be acquisitive, without authorization.

Obama is watching.

*The only detail Obama forgot was how he is going to leach from (tax) the unacquisitive, who are Obama’s redesigned humans. Obama’s plan is not so well thought out.


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