Obama Acuity on Winning Wars

Surges do not win wars, Obama postulates.
Armies do not win wars.
The military does not win wars.

In his experience of studying history, Obama has noted a much different set of factors are paramount in winning wars:

American foreign aid, spread around the theater.
American military personnel instead of waging war “train” whatever local hard-core unemployable and drug users are available.
American leaders equivocate, bow, and grovel in negotiations.
Form an alliance with the Taliban – the same people who would rather do nothing else except kill Americans.

On what planet did Obama study history? Here is student Obama’s current plan in Afghanistan, at work.

And here is student Obama explaining how he became such an accomplished military genius:

Obama’s main input (besides “uh”)? Afghanistan has not been favorably disposed to foreign intervention! Damn, that is perceptive, Obama.

Why not perceive the simple fact of how victory was achieved in Iraq? Perhaps that result is not far enough back in history for Obama to study.

Obama is not a responsible commander-in-chief and presents a clear and present danger to American sovereignty and defense; not to mention the lives of our sons and daughters. Obama’s command and standing orders are to fight for something else, much different than victory.


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