Obama Memorializes 9-11

Obama Savors 9-11 - America's Chickens HOME

Obama Savors 9-11 - America's Chickens HOME

(Video below)

Obama’s take on 9-11 must be a little different from yours and mine. Maybe it’s because we are Americans, and Obama is something.

Truthers think Dick Cheney did it so he could take over more Arab oil; or Bush did it so he could depose al Qaida’s partner Sadaam.

Obama knows who did it. It was the oppressed of the World, cruelly oppressed by evil and greedy capitalism in America, America’s chickens came home to roost, after all, on 9-11.

Note please: this flight really happened; we could not make this stuff up.

Obama’s memorial of 9-11 has a different flavor, much distinct from the somber 9-11 memorials erected by Americans.

Obama relives 9-11, to memorialize it. Like it was a great victory. A victory lap for the oppressed. Like the king of Saudi Arabia is his own king. Like Jeremiah Wright is his pastor. Like Bill Ayers is his partner. Like Rashid Khalidi is his colleague.

The best part is, children of children of America’s richest will pay the bill – if it ever gets paid. No; even better, the American military, subverted, perverted, and suborned by Obama, FLEW THE MISSION.

The chickens indeed are home to roost.

Movie H/T: The Obama Files The Filming Of “Red Tails”

Hmmm Red Tail?


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