National Disgrace At Whitehouse

Truly, a man with no class spoke at the WH tonight.

The former Vice President was horribly disrespected by Obama.

117% of the press voted for Him, though, Obama bragged. ACORN maintains the voter rolls, apparently.

Your government has been changed – to a media circus.

Journalism's God Performs

Journalism's God Performs

H/T: Scenes From Obama Press Conferences


One Response

  1. Yup… and conservatives need to just let Team Obama embarrass themselves further. They will also take the economy straight to the tank.

    With the deficit reaching unexpected levels, inflation and interest rates are headed for a sharp spike. This should then kill off any jobs recovery. Team Obama won’t be able to blame Bush for this.

    Conservatives need to take hope where they can, though, and Obama will be their best ally. For a top ten list of things conservatives should be thankful for, you can hit:

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