Obama Cripples Energy, America

Most Americans have plenty of cash handy and at instant readiness for higher utility costs when Obama doubles the price of energy from coal-fired power plants (and all other efficient power sources), with his cap-and-trade lunatic plan.

However, your employer may not have quite the deep pockets that you have. What will your employer do, when his energy costs skyrocket? (“Skyrocket” prices is how Obama describes his energy pogrom). Probably your employer will give you a bonus, I would think. If so, Obama already plans higher taxes; or heck, he may just fire the CEO!

Obama now TERMINATES funding of the Yucca Mountain spent fuel repository.

This puts a liquid nitrogen-like chill on talk of upscaling nuclear energy production. Others describe it as a death knell for nuclear power. In reality, it is a death knell, for Americans, who face another little ice age in the forseeable future. A death knell for your children, from Obama. Bringing Obama’s “post-America” home to you.

Obama sounds death knell for nuclear power

Under the guise of cutting wasteful spending, President Obama is terminating support for the Yucca Mountain spent nuclear fuel repository in Nevada. While not unexpected, this development means that there will be no place to store nuclear waste, probably for decades, other than at temporary storage locations at each of the nation’s nuclear power plants.

This termination decision was one among several contained in a document titled “Terminations, Reductions, and Savings” which were announced today by the White House to cut $17 Billion from the FY2010 budget.

It seems disingenuous to suggest that canceling the Yucca Mountain project is going to help taxpayers, since the project is funded not by the taxpayer, but by the Nuclear Waste Fund. The Fund has about $30 Billion which is derived from an assessment on nuclear utilities based upon the amount of electricity generated. The cost is passed on to consumers.

Below, Obama plans post-America bereft of energy

Obama plans post-America, bereft of energy

Obama plans post-America, bereft of energy


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