Clear and Present Danger

Clear and Present Danger

Clear and Present Danger

Obama, and his personality cult, like Hitler to Germany, represent a clear and present danger to America – and the world.

Obama is not certain if he wants to fight the Taliban, or ally with it. Yet, Obama sends 20,000 more American troops, our sons and daughters, into the ultimate killing fields of Afghanistan; where the Taliban will make every conceivable effort, and many inconceivable efforts, to destroy them. We already know that water boarding is outside the rules of engagement of American forces. Perhaps Obama’s rules of engagement will protect the 95% of the Taliban that Obama considers “moderate.” Before shooting a Taliban, we will check to see if the Taliban desires to be shot, or just needs some welfare payments. When the Taliban appreciates the considerate methods of the US Military under the command of Obama, they will lay down their arms and surrender, en masse. Unless the pirates are about to kill the captive Captain Phillips, take no action against them – this is Obama’s method of protecting our military, as shown by recent history off the coast of Somalia.

Does Obama have the financing necessary to support a war in Afghanistan? Exactly how much financing should be in reserve to protect our military? What could go wrong, including a nuclear attack against our forces? Overextended, in dire financial condition, the most debt-ridden commander in chief ever in world history does not have a pot to piss in. Obama’s Red Chinese allies are not likely to buy war bonds from Obama. Yet he sends more of our American sons and daughters into harm’s way, the most dangerous and deadly harm that can be found in the world. He has no cash in reserve. Obama has blown everything he (no, we) had. Obama is broke; but wants our sons and daughters to make war.

Afghanistan, including precursors of Obama’s moderate Taliban, all but destroyed the powerful Soviet Union. The killing-fields of Afghanistan are still bloody infamous in Russia.

Obama thinks he is off on a lark and a picnic, to play patty-cake with sweet and moderate Talibans. The Taliban says otherwise:

Obama is a Clear and Present Danger to the troops he commands, our sons and daughters. Obama is a Clear and Present Danger to America. Obama threatens to destabilize the entire world.

H/T: Gateway Pundit: Taliban: Suicide Bombings Were Justified From the Prophet’s Days


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