Obama’s New Best Buddy

Tiring of Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and Rashid Kahlidi and the rest, who advised Obama for 20 boringly consistent years that America was a failure, Obama is reaching out to a new team of international economic and political experts to form his policies and structure his new “Post-America” America. High on the list is this man:

Obama's New Best Buddy

Obama's New Best Buddy

Obama wants Iran hostage suit thrown out

The Obama administration has asked a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit against Iran filed by Americans held hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran 30 years ago. . . .

. . . The lawsuit says current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was one of their interrogators.

The lawsuit says the hostages were tortured, beaten sometimes until they lost consciousness and kept in fear of their lives, at times even lined up in front of marksmen locking their guns. It says they were imprisoned without adequate food, clothing or medical care, blindfolded with their hands tied, interrogated for hours at a time and kept in isolation for months at a time.

H/T: Moonbattery Obama Goes to Bat for Ayatollahs


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