Obama: Your Electricity Costs Must Skyrocket

Obama and Al Gore are gonna destroy the economy. This is gonna cost us $8 Trillion, OR WHATEVER THEIR NUMBER IS (Who said this? Obama said it. Enjoy; the empty suit says it his own self in the video just below).

What electricity or energy costs YOU and US does not matter to Obama. It is a matter of no concern:

No price you pay for energy can be high enough. You are America, and you have damaged the World, perhaps irreparably with your greedy capitalism.

Who cares how much you pay? Your president cares only that you pay MORE, up to and including your last nickel.

$5 Trillion, $10 Trillion, $15 Trillion – whatever. You must pay, and you will pay.

You will have less energy, you will have less cash, you will become Obama’s vision of you: “Post America.”

You will take your rightful place among Zimbabwe and Bolivia and Pakistan, starving, freezing, straining the gutter fluids for morsels of bitter nourishment, and learning what it means to be a good socialist.

It will be a good lesson for you, hateful and greedy capitalist, responsible for each and every ill of the World.

Responsible for rising sea levels and rising temperatures, neither of which rises.

H/T: Moonbattery We Can’t Say He Didn’t Warn Us


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